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Lecture 5 - III Status Groups a Stars Very popular children...

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Peer Relationships I. Peer Relationships a. 2 to 4 i. Increased awareness and responsiveness to other children ii. Understand what toys are and that they’re meant to be played with b. 5 i. Cooperative play and social interaction 1. Increased opportunity for interaction 2. Encouraged to interact by parents 3. Decreasing egocentrism c. 6 to 7 i. Group behavior and social groups 1. Talk about shared interests 2. Dividing work and play 3. Understand cooperation in work/play 4. Pride in group identification 5. Status differences a. Understanding their role in the group II. Studying Kid’s Social Status a. Sociogram (Sociometric Test) i. Varying popularity of each child ii. Ask each child who they really like the most in class and take votes (Valentines) iii. End up with diagrams where you can see who’s nominating who 1. See who’s associated with who
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Unformatted text preview: III. Status Groups a. Stars: Very popular children b. Popular/Social Mixers: not stars, but most popular children c. Controversial/Peripheral Groups: Receive both +/- comments, but who often have good relationships among each other i. Not high status though d. Neglected: ignored but not disliked i. Maybe 1 or 2 close friends ii. Will be okay e. Rejected/Isolated: Actively rejected; ignored and disliked i. No friend/no best friends ii. Bullied IV.Popularity Determinants a. Attractiveness i. 0.4 correlation ii. True even with 6-7 age b. Parents/Home environment i. Authoritative – popular; + reinforcement to other kids ii. Permissive – immature, but class clown iii. Neglectful – aggressive, unpopular c. Name i. 0.2-0.3 correlation d. Social Behaviors...
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Lecture 5 - III Status Groups a Stars Very popular children...

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