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Adolescence I. Period of Storm and Stress a. Physical and Cognitive Changes i. Puberty 1. Hormonal changes impact personality (unstable) 2. Look like an adult, treated accordingly 3. Boys – better early puberty a. Late can affect them into adulthood 4. Girls – better average puberty a. Early = negative 5. Difficult to know oneself because changed so fast 6. Unable to control emotions/rational decision making a. Overly exploratory/adventurous 7. Sleep changes ii. Formal Operations (Mental development) 1. Ability to think hypothetically 2. Abstract 3. Love hypothetical thinking 4. Normal to exercise it
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Unformatted text preview: a. Difficult parental relationships because can challenge parents 5. Mark of intellectual improvement b. Cultural pressures/expectations i. Clear divide between child-adult 1. US – 18 ii. Teens – not adults/not children 1. Sub-culture identify with each other 2. Peers become important a. Dressing similarly b. Help friends c. Majority of kids make it through fine d. Most vulnerable period for deaths not related to medical reasons i. Suicide ii. Alcohol overdose iii. Car accidents e. Committing crimes more often...
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