Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Photosynthesis: Energy From Sunlight...

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Chapter 8: Photosynthesis: Energy From Sunlight I. Photosynthesis a. 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 b. O 2 comes from water NOT from CO 2 c. In chloroplasts d. Stops in dark bc ATP/NADPH + H + can’t synthesize anymore e. Light reactions i. Driven by photons ii. Converts light energy into chemical energy (ATP and NADPH + H + ) f. Light Independent reactions i. Use ATP and NADPH + H + made in light rxns and CO 2 ii. Make sugars 1. Calvin Cycle 2. C 4 photosynthesis 3. Crassulacean acid metabolism II. Light Reactions a. Photon i. Can be reflected/scattered by molecule ii. Transmitted (pass through) molecule iii. Absorbed by molecule 1. Photon disappears and energy in transferred into molecule a. Ground state to excited state 2. G = excited state – ground state b. Wavelength i. Molecules only absorb specific wavelengths ii. Pigments – molecules absorbing in the visible spectrum III. Pigments a. Different pigments have different absorption spectra b. Chlorophylls i. a and b ii. ring with Mg in center and hydrocarbon tail 1. tail anchors molecule to integral proteins in thylakoid membrane of chloroplast iii. absorbs blue and red c. Accessory Pigments i. Absorb between red and blue and transfer some E to chlorophylls ii. Carotenoids 1. Absorb blue and blue green (look yellow) iii. Phycobilins 1. Absorb yellow, yellow-green, and orange (look red/purple) IV.Light Absorption a. After returning back to ground state, that energy is release as heat or fluorescence (light energy) b. Energy can be transferred to target molecule
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c. Antenna systems
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Photosynthesis: Energy From Sunlight...

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