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Chapter 49 - c T = relaxation/repolarization of ventricles...

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Chapter 49 I. Cardiac Cycle a. Atria Contract b. Ventricular contraction i. Systole – Lub (closing of atrioventricular valves) c. Blood pumped into aorta/pul artery d. Ventricular relaxation i. Diastole – Dup (closing of aortic/pul semilunar valves) e. Ventricles fill w/ blood from vena cava/pul vein II. Cardiac Muscle a. Pacemaker cells – start action potentials w/ stimulation from CNS i. Sinoatrial node 1. Sup vena cava/right atrium ii. Resting potential = more positive 1. Na + channels open iii. AP due to Ca 2+ = open slower than Na + III. Heartbeat a. AP starts in sinoatrial node so both atria contract at same time b. Atrioventricular node stimulated by depolarization of atria c. AP travels down Bundle of His d. To Purkinje Fibers around ventricles e. Ventricular contraction IV.EKG a. P wave = depolarization of atria b. QRS complex = depolarization of ventricles
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Unformatted text preview: c. T = relaxation/repolarization of ventricles V. Blood a. Plasma b. Platelets c. RBCs d. WBCs VI.RBCs a. Erythrocytes b. Hemoglobin i. Heme to fix oxygen c. Made in red bone marrow d. Hypoxia – not enough O 2 e. Spleen – recycles old RBCs VII. Platelets a. Clotting factors b. Platelet sticks to cut c. Prothrombin enzyme to thrombin d. Thrombin cleaves fibrinogen to fibrin e. Fibrin threads around sticky platelets VIII. Plasma a. Gases b. Ions i. Sodium and chlorine (NaCl) c. Nutrients d. Proteins i. lots e. Hormones f. Vitamins IX.Blood Vessels a. Arteries i. Elastin – withstand pressure from pumping ii. Smooth muscle – dilate/constrict b. Arterioles c. Capillaries d. Venules e. Veins f. Heart...
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Chapter 49 - c T = relaxation/repolarization of ventricles...

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