Crossing the Membrane

Crossing the Membrane - concentration gradient o Unlike...

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Channels and Transporters = passive diffusion (down concentration gradient) o Selective - Size of channel limits what molecules move through Transporters (Carrier Proteins) – selective; bind the molecule to be transported o Open to outside of cell or inside cell o Binding molecule, diffuses into transport protein; binds (H- bond) to protein, to change shape of molecule; passes through diffusion into or out of cell o Like channel – has specificity, passive diffusion driven by
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Unformatted text preview: concentration gradient o Unlike channel – transporter binds molecule to be transported • Saturation o (graph page 2) o rate of diffusion - # molecules diffusing per unit of time o when tangent = 0 every transporter has glucose bound carriers are saturated so rate of diffusion slows down o when tangent high (left side of graph) many empty transporters...
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