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Chapter 6 - III Enthalpy a Extensive property – heat...

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Chapter 6: Thermochemistry I. Thermochemistry a. Relationship between heat and energy b. Internal energy – sum of KE + PE of particles in a substance c. Kinetic Energy – energy of motion d. Potential Energy – energy of position e. Endothermic reaction – absorbs heat f. Exothermic reaction – releases heat II. Kinetic Theory Explanation of Heat a. Flow of energy in/out of a system due to temperature difference
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Unformatted text preview: III. Enthalpy a. Extensive property – heat absorbed/evolved in a reaction i. Extensive property – depends on reactants b. ∆ H = ∆ H products- ∆ H reactants c. q = heat d. q = ∆ H e.- ∆ H = exothermic f. + ∆ H = endothermic IV.Enthalpy and Internal Energy a. ∆ U = ∆ H - P ∆ V...
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