Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Genetics I Gregor Mendel a Austrian...

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Chapter 10: Genetics I. Gregor Mendel a. Austrian Monk b. Founding Father of Genetics c. Disproved blend theory i. Traits blend in offspring and can’t be separated II. Mendel’s Experiment a. Pea Plants i. Has distinct traits ii. Easy/quick to grow iii. Short life iv. Many offspring v. Self and controlled (cross) pollination b. Character: observable physical feature (flower color) c. Traits: form of a character (purple or white flowers) d. Heritable traits: inherited e. True-breeding: one character for many generations i. Both alleles are identical f. P = parent generation i. Differing in only one trait g. F 1 = first generation of offspring i. monohybrid h. F 2 = second generation i. Monohybrid cross i. Dominant = in F 1 and F 2 j. Recessive = in F 2 k. F 2 dominant to recessive = 3:1 l. Reciprocal cross to see if it depended on which parent it came from i. Didn’t matter so each parent contributes III. Mendel’s Theory a. Particulate theory – genes are discrete i. Each plant has 2 genes from each parent ii. Each parent has one genes, so zygote has two iii. Locus : position of gene on chromosome iv. Alleles : different forms of gene v. Homozygous : 2 same alleles vi. Heterozygous : 2 different alleles vii. Dominant : allele that masks another allele viii. Recessive
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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Genetics I Gregor Mendel a Austrian...

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