Chapter 11 - Chapter 11: DNA and Its Role in Heredity I....

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Chapter 11: DNA and It’s Role in Heredity I. Attempts to prove DNA was genetic material a. A new dye stained DNA and provided showing that DNA was in the right place, amount of DNA varied among species, amount in gametes was half that in somatic cells. b. Mouse experiment with pneumonia virus showed that chemical from one cell can genetically transform another cell i. Must be genetic material whatever it is c. By testing RNAse, DNAse, and Protease it showed that DNAse only destroyed whatever was changing the healthy strain meaning DNA = genetic material d. Bacteriophage – eats bacteria i. Attached to bacteria and inject genetic material to make new bacteriophages and then cells lyse to release those new bacteriophages ii. Only DNA labeled radioactive iii. Only Protein coat labeled radioactive 1. Found that DNA was found in bacterial pellet in bottom of test tube a. So that’s the part that went into bacterial cell II. DNA Structure a. Rosalind Franklin – crystallized DNA and X rayed it to determine the structure of DNA i. Might be helical b. Chargaff’s rule i. # purines = # pyrimidines c. Linus Pauling i. 3-D models of possible structures d. Watson and Crick i. Double-helix III. Features of DNA
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11: DNA and Its Role in Heredity I....

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