Chapter 22 - Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Evolution I....

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Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Evolution I. Learning Objective a. Define and use correctly the following terms: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, allele frequency, genotype frequency, genetic drift, gene flow, non-random mating. b. Calculate population allele frequencies using population genotype frequencies. c. Calculate the expected genotype frequencies under Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. d. List the conditions that must be met for a locus in a population to be at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. II. “Need” to evolve a. There is no need to evolve b. Evolution does not follow necessity III. Measuring Evolution a. Change in allelic frequencies over time i. Proportion of individuals in a population with alleles IV.Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Model Assumptions a. Random Mating b. Infinite population size (no genetic drift) i. Sampling error if too small ii. Genetic Drift = Allele frequencies change due to random environmental factors c. No gene flow (migration) d. No mutation e. No natural selection V. Learning Objectives a. Distinguish between genetic variation of traits among individuals and environmental influences on traits. b. Identify the source of variation upon which natural selection acts. c. Compare and contrast evolutionary fitness and physical fitness. d. Identify the three necessary and sufficient conditions required for natural selection. e. Evaluate data on allele, genotype, and phenotype frequency to determine the type of natural selection acting on a population. VI.Variation in a population
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Chapter 22 - Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Evolution I....

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