Chapter 52 - Chapter 56 Ecology and the Distribution of...

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Chapter 56: Ecology and the Distribution of Life I. What Is Ecology? a. “Oikos” (home/living relations) “logia” (study of) b. The scientific study of distribution, abundance and relation of organisms and their interactions with the environment c. Fields of Ecology i. Population ii. Community iii. Behavioral iv. Quantitative v. Molecular vi. Biogeography d. Communities i. All organisms in the same area. e. Ecosystems i. All organisms in an area plus their physical environment ii. Community + Physical Environment f. Biosphere i. All regions of the planet where organisms live. g. Environment = abiotic (physical and chemical) factors + biotic (living) factors i. Organisms both influence and are influenced by environment II. Why care about Ecology? a. Better understand of our surroundings b. Sustain food supply for growing human population c. Ensure a favorable environment for future human populations d. Solve environmental problems III. How Are Climates Distributed on Earth? a. Climate: Average atmospheric conditions over a long-term (Predicted) i. Varies with solar energy input ii. Weather (short-term actual conditions) iii. Temperature decreases the farther from the equator b. Air temperature decreases with increased elevation i. As a parcel of air rises, it expands (the molecules move farther apart), the pressure drops, it cools, and releases moisture. ii. When a parcel of air descends, it is compressed, pressure and
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Chapter 52 - Chapter 56 Ecology and the Distribution of...

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