Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 I....

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Chapter 2 I. Phrenology a. Franz Gall b. What parts of their brain does what based on bumps on skull II. Neuroscience a. Cognitive/biological psych b. Study of neural structures, behavior, and learning III. Nervous Systen a. Central Nervous Systen i. Brain and spinal cord ii. Spinal Cord 1. reflexes b. Peripheral Nervous System i. Everything outside spinal cord and brain IV.Neurons a. Motor (efferent) neurons i. Outgoing info from CNS to muscles/glands b. Sensory (afferent) neurons i. Incoming info from sense receptors to CNS c. Association (interneurons) neurons i. Between motor and sensory neurons V. Nerves a. Peripheral nervous system b. Bundles of axons c. Connect muscles, glands, and sense organs to CNS VI.PNS a. Autonomic i. Involuntary muscles ii. Sympathetic 1. Arousing 2. Fight or Flight iii. Parasympathetic 1. Calming 2. Rest and Digest b. Somatic i. Skeletal (voluntary) muscles VII. The Neuron a. Cell body (soma) b. Dendrites c. Axon i. Myelin – fatty substance to help conduct impulse faster 1. Oligodendrocytes – brain/spinal cord 2. Schwann cells - nerves ii. Terminal branches
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View Full DocumentRight Arrow Icon d. In PNS surrounded by neurilemma to repair damaged nerves NOT IN CNS VIII. Action Potential a. Nerve impulse – brief electrical charge down an axon b. Resting potential – electrical charge with no impulse c. Na + travel into axon causing depolarization i. Once threshold reached, the impulse leads to an action potential (neurons fire AP) d. All-or-none response i. Either fires or it doesn’t IX.Synapse a. AP to axon terminal b. Neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) released into synapse via vesicles c. Neurotransmitter to receptor d. (Cell response) depolarization (maybe AP) X. Neurotransmitters a. Acetylcholine i. Learning and memory ii. Muscle movements
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 I....

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