Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Sensation and Perception I Top down...

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Chapter 3: Sensation and Perception I. Top down processing a. We construct perceptions drawing on our experiences and expectations II. Sensation a. Sensory receptors transduce outside stimulus (detect physical energy) to neural stimulus i. Produce visual representation of stimulus (don’t see light waves, see picture or real life) b. Perception i. Select sensation ii. Organize sensation iii. Interpret sensation c. Ernst Weber – just noticeable difference i. Jnd = smallest difference between 2 stimuli detected 50% of the time d. Gustav Fechner – absolute threshold i. Lowest level of stimulus before noticing it e. Subliminial stimuli – enough to affect sensory receptors but not enough to make person aware i. Subliminal perception f. Habituation i. Sense only changes in sensory stimulation, not constant noises (humming of air conditioner) ii. Still hear sound (sense receptors still responding) but not sending signals to the brain g. Sensory Adaptation i. Habituation in other 4 senses ii. BUT less response to unchanging stimulus III. Seeing a. Light i. Brightness (intensity) 1. Amplitude of wave 2. Bright = high amplitude ii. Color (hue) 1. Length of wave 2. Long = red 3. Short = purple iii. Saturation (purity) 1. Purity of color (only red or a combination of reds and oranges?) b. Eye i. Cornea – membrane covering eye 1. Protects 2. Focuses light ii. Aqueous humor
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1. Watery fluid 2. Replenishable 3. Nourishment
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Sensation and Perception I Top down...

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