Chapter 6 - I What is Memory a System that senses organizes...

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I. What is Memory? a. System that senses, organizes, alters, stores, and retrieves info b. Hippocampus i. Formation of new memories (ESSENTIAL) ii. Flashbulbs of memory 1. Emotional/dramatic content 2. Laid down quickly a. Amygdala is very close to hippocampus (responsible for emotions) c. Encoding i. Converting environmental/mental stimuli into memorable brain codes ii. Mental operation transforming stimuli into brain code (memory) iii. Sensory Memory iv. Keyboard d. Storage i. “Holding on” to encoded info ii. Short term/working memory iii. Hardrive e. Retrieval i. Pulling info from storage ii. Long term memory iii. On monitor screen II. Information Processing Model of Memory a. Human memory and computer processes are analogous b. Sensory Memory i. Sensory to Short term/working memory to Long term memory III. Information Processing Model a. Parallel Distributed Processing (PDP) i. Memory processes occur at same stage over large neural network b. Levels of Processing i. Deep and Shallow processing 1. More shallow less likely to remember ii. Semantic vs. Structural Info 1. Semantic = word learning IV.Sensory memory a. First component of memory system b. Info from outside c. Capacity = large d. Duration = very brief e. Types i. Iconic = vision, ½ sec long ii. Echoic = hearing, 3-4 sec long iii. Hepatic = touch, <1 sec long f. Whole Report (Sperling) i. Studied capacity
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ii. Flash group of 9 letters to subjects for 1/20 sec and ask to recall letters 1. Recalled 40% right away iii. Evidence that we have iconic memory even though we’re not trying to remember
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Chapter 6 - I What is Memory a System that senses organizes...

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