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Personality - I Personality a Individual characteristic...

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I. Personality a. Individual characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting II. Psychodynamic (Psychoanalytic) Perspective a. Freud = first person to consider personality b. Had patients suffering from ‘nervous’ disorders i. Some patients had physical symptoms without physical causes c. Freudian Theory i. Unconscious mind ii. Psychosexual stages iii. Defense Mechanisms 1. Ways we deal with stress/anxiety iv. Influence of childhood d. Psychoanalysis i. Analyze patient by sitting behind them e. Exploring the Unconscious i. Conscious ii. Preconscious 1. Outside awareness but accessible iii. Unconscious iv. Attempted to get to unconsciousness via these techniques: v. Free association 1. Patients freely says what comes to mind vi. Dream Analysis 1. Latent symbolic content f. Freud: Structure of the Mind i. ID 1. Unconscious = A lot; completely unconscious 2. Unconsciously strives to satisfy basic sexual aggressive drives 3. Born = almost all ID 4. Operates on pleasure principle = demanding immediate gratification ii. EGO 1. Functions as the “executive” 2. Moderate between ID and SUPERGO a. Causes anxiety 3. Defense Mechanisms = result iii. SUPEREGO 1. Provides standards for judgment and future aspirations 2. Part unconscious-conscious 3. Conscience 4. External, society influence g. Freud: Personality i. Develops as a result of conflicts between ID and SUPERGO h. Fixation i. Unresolved psychosexual stage conflict
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ii. “Stuck” in stage relevant personality traits and behaviors i. Personality Development: Freud i. Personality is formed by psychosexual stages in 1 st few years (only up to adolescence) ii. Psychosexual stages iii. The id’s pleasure-seeking energies focus on particular part of body called erogenous zones j. Psychosexual Stages i. Oral stage 1. First stage, first year 2. Mouth = erogenous zone 3. Weaning is primary conflict ii. Anal stage 1. 1 to 3 years 2. Ego develops 3. Toilet training conflict 4. Expulsive vs. Retentive personalities iii. Phallic (means penis) stage 1. 3 to 6 years 2. Discover genitalia 3. Develop sexual Feelings 4. Superego develops 5. Oedipus Complex a. EGO’s first conflict b. Boys sexual desire for mom and jealousy/hatred for Dad (rival) = ID c. Electra Complex = girls d. Successful resolution of this conflict i. Develop strong EGO ii. Identification 1. Cope with threatening feelings by repressing them
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Personality - I Personality a Individual characteristic...

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