Stress and Health

Stress and Health - I Stress and Stressors a Stress i...

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Stress and Stressors a. Stress i. Physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to threatening or challenging events b. Stressor - Causes stress c. Distress - Undesirable stressors d. Eustress - Effect of positive events e. Major Life Changes II. Everyday Sources of Stress a. Aggression i. Actions meant to harm or destroy ii. Stems from frustration iii. Displaced aggression – expressing on other thing/person iv. Escape or withdrawal – not expressing b. Pressure i. Urgent demands or expectations from outside source ii. Uncontrollability 1. Less control = more stressful iii. Frustration 1. Blocked desires or goals c. Hassles i. Frustrations, delays, irritations, minor disagreements ii. Residual “ripples” from stressors iii. Only so much tolerance for daily hassles d. Conflict: pulled toward 2 desires/goals, only one of which can be attained i. Approach–approach – must choose between 2 desirable goals 1. Win-win ii. Avoidance–avoidance - must choose between 2 undesirable goals iii. Approach–avoidance – only one goal; must choose or not choose goal with both positive and negative aspects III. “Fight or Flight Response” a. Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) i. Sympathetic NS 1. Arousal 2. Fight or Flight 3. Increased Heart rate 4. Pupil Dilation ii. Parasympathetic NS 1. Calms 2. Rest and Digest b. ANS Activation
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Stress and Health - I Stress and Stressors a Stress i...

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