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Treatment Therapy

Treatment Therapy - I Therapy a Treatment to make people...

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I. Therapy a. Treatment to make people feel better and function more effectively b. Two Kinds of Modern Therapy i. Psychotherapy 1. Insight 2. Action 3. Goals ii. Biomedical Therapy 1. Surgical treatment 2. Drugs 3. Electroshock c. Early Treatment i. 1500s – mentally ill in asylums ii. Treatments harsh, often damaging iii. Philippe Pinel 1. Psychiatrist, demanding humane treatment of mentally ill II. Psychoanalysis (Freud) a. Therapy to reveal unconscious conflicts b. Free association – patient talks about anything that comes to mind w/o fear of criticism c. Dream interpretation i. Manifest content – actual content of dream ii. Latent content – symbolic meaning of dream d. Resistance – patient becomes reluctant to talk about a certain topic e. Transference – patient projects feelings for important others onto analyst f. Psychoanalysis Today III. Humanistic Therapies a. Roger’s Person-Centered Therapy i. Nondirective ii. Client talks and therapist issues iii. Four Elements of Roger’s Therapy 1. Authenticity 2. Reflection 3. Unconditional Positive Regard 4. Empathy b. Gestalt Therapy i. Client accept all of self ii. Directive iii. Role playing iv. Leading questions v. Confrontation of clients’ statements c. Evaluation of Humanistic Therapies i. Broad application in career, workplace, marriage, etc. ii. Works best with intelligent, highly verbal persons
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IV.Behavior Therapies a. Action therapies focused on behavior not cause of behavior i. Classical/operant conditioning b. Behavior modification or applied behavior analysis i. Change behaviors by learning techniques c. Systematic Desensitization i. Step by step process to desensitize someone to what they’re afraid
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Treatment Therapy - I Therapy a Treatment to make people...

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