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Week 1 Discussions - Discussion 1 Discuss this article as...

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Discussion 1 Discuss this article as assigned in Readings. Do you believe that employees can learn/be trained to be more emotionally intelligent? When people feel good, they work better, are more creative, and are more productive. I strongly believe that feelings and emotions of employees have a direct impact on effectiveness, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line. I think that employees who WANT to learn can be trained to be more emotionally intelligent. In today’s age, organizations should always be looking for ways to build better work teams. Teams bring together more talent, experience and a lot more diversity of resources. But if a team does not have the ability to cooperate and lacks harmony the decision-making quality will suffer. The important difference between effective teams and ineffective ones lies in the emotional intelligence of the group. Building relationships strengthens the team’s ability to face challenges. My Post is above My Classmates Post is Below. Yes I do believe that employees can learn and can be trained to be emotionally intelligent. The managers that set aside a day to bring in cookies for her employees gave each of her employees the opportunity to have the time to talk  with other employees. By doing so the employees developed a close relationship. Learning how each other thinks and how they would react to  different situations.  One can also compare this to the way the military trains. You have people from all parts of the country brought together for the first time and  enclosed into a small area. Most have never been away from home. Each person has to learn to live and work with each other and they also  need to learn how each person thinks and how they react to different situations. The first few weeks are hard do to the fact that this is the learning stage. After spending time together each person learns more about the other  and they become more emotionally intelligent as well as working as a unit One can say that each person were trained to be emotionally  intelligent of each other. Each person has become more trustworthy and dependable, able to cope with frustrations when working as a unit.  One can also see how emotionally intelligent learning is used with in Pro Sports. Before the session starts each player reports for training  camp. Each person has a room mate that requires them to be emotionally intelligent of each other as well as the others players. They all need  to become a team that can perform as a unit, in order to do so they all need to understand each other, so learning to be emotionally intelligent  of each other plays a large pat in how they will perform as a team. From my experience in Basic Training, we all adapted and dealt with each other to get to the next objective. I don't say that in a negative way. I 
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Week 1 Discussions - Discussion 1 Discuss this article as...

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