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How are decisions made in your organization? Upper management makes most all of our decisions within my organization. Normally, it is after that decision has been made, and actions set, do they start to include lower level employees. They reach out to the people within whatever department they have set an action plan for and inform them what to do. At this point in time I would have to say that we are firefighters and only look for quick fixes. What are the organizational barriers and environmental barriers in the organization that impact the decision- making process? Employees don’t know how to learn, or they either don’t want to learn. We have a poor corporate culture and management practices. There is a huge lacking of communication within all departments within my organization. We are never brought up-to-date on any new technologies within our industry, nor are we trained on many of our current processes. What actions might be taken to address organizational and environmental constraints on decision-making?
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Unformatted text preview: I think that decisions need to be made at every level of the organization. I think that lower level managers and staff need to be involved up front in the decisions and not at the end. I feel that low level involvement is extremely important because of the knowledge they have because they are the people that know more about the day to day hands on dealing with that department. What techniques can be used for improving the decision making process? For coming up with more creative solutions? I think they need to setup cross-functional teams, have training classes and explore new ideas. They need to come up with a way to better communicate within all departments. They need to have a culture change and a new vision for the organization, one that not only solves daily issues but looks for way to plan for a better future....
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