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I would have to say that my organization is not a learning organization. In order for my company to become a learning organization they would need to use some of the following steps in order to work toward that goal. Find a non-competing company that is a learning company. Asking permission to visit their location and discuss how they handle some of the challenges our company my experience. Hold regular meetings across all departments Cross-training Use cross-functional teams to solve problems Scout for new opportunities Have all members set goals and provide help to achieve them.
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Unformatted text preview: • Learn to have good communication within all departments • Develop a plan to receive feedback about the plans and if they are working Would my organization be able to incorporate these practices? Wow, this is a loaded question. The optimist in me wants to say yes, but I really don’t know if we could. I have been with the company for nineteen years and I like many of my co-workers are so set in our ways. Our company culture would have to undergo a huge change across the board, including the mind set of our upper management....
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