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Dis1 - These changes came about because of advances in...

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Identify an industry that is dealing with or has dealt with change in one of the  following areas: Globalization Technology Workforce – downsizing, outsourcing, etc. Summarize the type of change that occurred. Why did it come about? How was it  dealt with? Was it managed successfully? Why or why not? What challenges in  this area remain? Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings. The printing industry, like many other industries, continues to undergo technological changes, as computers and technology alter the manner in which work is performed. Many of the processes that were once done by hand are becoming more automated, and technology's influence can be seen in all stages of printing.
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Unformatted text preview: These changes came about because of advances in computers and technology. But I also think that consumer demands also play a huge role. Consumers want their products cheaper, faster and of higher quality. And in order to deal with these demands supplier to the printing industry are investing millions in new technologies, designing newer faster digital presses, environmentally friendly inks, and greener materials. I think the biggest challenges that this area of business with face is the cost of all these new technologies. There is a fine balance between offering cheaper, faster, and greener products and keeping up with the cost of new technologies in order to make that happen....
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