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Reference the  Force Field Analysis website , noting the importance of the tool to change  initiatives. How would you use the tool in a change initiative you have at work?  Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings. Please remember that forces differ in intensity. Although there may be a number  of forces opposing the change, a greater effort is spent on the forces with the  greatest intensity. MY ANSWER In order to stay competitive within the printing industry, you must always look at  ways to improve or change your business.  In today’s high technology world, our  customers always want lower prices, faster turn around and greener products. All  of this I would consider being driving forces, forces that makes the company I  work for today, look for ways to change in order to meet customer demands.  Restraining forces would be, increased material pricing, high material costs for  greener products, investment in new technologies and advanced training, and  funds.   Our upper management, our lower management and department heads would all  need to come together to review our current process and technologies.  We  would need to explore greener material for printing and pricing with our current  suppliers and also look into new suppliers.  We would need to stream line our  production to turn product faster, look at spending a little money on new  technologies to get the job done faster.  I really don’t think that staff would be a  restraining force, I think that money would be. 
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Force Field Analysis What is it? Force Field Analysis is a technique based on the premise that change is a result of a struggle between forces of resistance (forces that impede change) and driving forces (forces that favor change). By using Force Field Analysis, you can learn which course of action will be the best one to implement because it will have the most driving forces and the least resistant forces. Who uses it? The team members, the managers, the users. Why use it? To determine the best course of action to take. When to use it? During a Strategic Analysis process. How to use it: 1. Explain the process to the group. Define the problem or issue you will be discussing. 2. Create a chart on newsprint or a chalkboard with two headings: driving forces and forces of resistance . 3. Have the group brainstorm which forces belong in each column. Driving forces are characteristics of the issue that make it easy to take place; resistant forces are characteristics of the issue that make it difficult to take place. 4.
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Week 5 Dis 2 -...

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