Week 5 Dis 2 - Week 5 Dis 2 So why is it when many people...

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Week 5 Dis 2 So why is it when many people think of diversity, they think first of ethnicity and race, and then gender? Diversity is much broader. Diversity is otherness, or those human qualities that are different from our own, and outside the groups to which we belong. How can leadership promote cultural diversity to create effective change? Discuss the ramifications on the organization for failing to accommodate cultural differences. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Every one of us comes from a different background with different experiences that led to different results. Because of this, each one of us brings something different to the table. We each bring a different set of skills, knowledge, and experience that makes up the diversity of us all. It's in this diversity that we can flourish as a company. Instead of everyone in an organization offering the same, general aspect, diversity gives us more to work with. People with different backgrounds have different sets of skills or knowledge that can be lent to the workplace. This gives a company more variety to choose from when it comes to employee results. Understandably, any company can flourish when it has more resources. The more it has, the better. What my classmates have posted so far. Cultural diversity in a workplace contributes to the overall growth of the workplace itself. Diversity in the  workplace is about learning from other people who may be different and practicing their different ways in the  office. They make their differences work and learn from one another s ways. Having people with different  diversities allows the company to have a more broad opening to new clients and be able to serve any kind of  person with ease. This allows things to go smoother and makes for no one to be turned down from a job or  promotion.  It used to be where different diversities worked at different levels but now more and more especially with the  economy a lot of employers are allowing and now looking for people with different cultural diversity. You can  learn am a lot from people and especially the leaders can help to by learning and teaching at different diversity 
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Week 5 Dis 2 - Week 5 Dis 2 So why is it when many people...

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