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Citing interviews: Instructions List the interview reference directly after the quote, in the body of the work. Use the first and middle initials and surname and date of the interview. You do not need to specify the type of personal communication. Follow this example: "Doe recently stated that the sky will fall in 50 years." (J. Doe, personal communication, July 1, 2008) Do not include interview citations within bibliographies or reference lists. For personal references When using personal communication in a paper, you should introduce the source in the text- According to Donna  Hutchins, the CEO of Idaho Digital Academy, "The use of distance learning. .." (personal communication, February 
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Unformatted text preview: 23, 2010). You are correct that this does not then need to be listed on the reference page. According to Dennis Alexander, the new CEO of American Screen Art, Inc., “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” (personal communication, August 16,2010). According to Brad Williams, the Production Manager of ASA, “Management is continually unhappy with performance, everything is always over budget, all projects need to be done faster and cheaper, people’s jobs are constantly in jeopardy, etc. The problem is a total lack of balance.” (personal communication, August 16, 2010)...
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