Week 2 Dis 1 - Leadership trends for the next 20 years will...

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Leadership trends for the next 20 years will require doing more with less. Consequently, changes in business will continue and leaders in the future must make changes that will create a better system. Discuss how managing can facilitate teamwork and innovate approaches to organization problem solving. Discuss an experience in which you lead a team or were part of a team solving a problem or making a change . Consider using the Exhibit 4.7 Team Effectiveness Model in Chapter 4 of the text to put your discussion in context. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. In today’s organizational environment, if organizations are to survive and thrive in the future they must use the creativity and potential of their people at all levels. There are key ingredients in which organizations must incorporate into their work to master the use of teams. And there are actions that the leaders need to take to facilitate these key ingredients to the team. There needs to be a clear and understandable vision. The leader needs to make sure that members are clear on what needs to be done and why. There needs to be trust among the team members. Leaders need to take time to develop their team and their team processes. I work for a printing company, and we had a really big order for one of our largest customers. As always with a big project we hold a meeting to go over all the aspects of the order, from artwork to material. Normally, a member from each department in which this project will be processed is required to attend the meeting. All decisions were made and plans set into action. But in the end the project was a big fiasco. The project printed the wrong color; because of this issue we missed the customers required need by date. We deal with customers like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Pepper Co., Budweiser, just to name a few. When dealing with larger customers like I have listed above, their need by date for materials we are printing is very important in the marketing launch of their products. So to miss a date is a very big issue with all of them. The customer changed the color after all the production paperwork was already created and in process. The color change was noted and updated paperwork was sent to the planning department by the account manger working on the project. This was the correct process in which the change needed to happen. However, planned did not pass the updated information on to the next department, and so the color never got changed and the job was printed the wrong color. The paperwork is always sent via email, but the planning department deleted the email by mistake. The consequences of the breakdown are that we made a very large customer angry, we lost a lot of money in reprinting the job, and we lost several employees for their lack of following/understanding orders.
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Is Teamwork an Unnatural Act?   By Relly Nadler, Psy.D.   Editors Note:  Uncertainty can make teamwork even more challenging as the direction in 
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Week 2 Dis 1 - Leadership trends for the next 20 years will...

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