Week 3 - Dis 1 Analyze how managing change can influence...

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Dis 1 Analyze how managing change can influence the effectiveness of human resources in the organization. Then discuss the impact of organizational development and how it can enhance the effectiveness of organizations within their internal and external forces. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Impact of organizational development internal forces MY POST In today's business environment success hinges on organizational flexibility. The knowledge and tools to understand how others think in order to foster collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge is a key to success. However, one of the secret to any organization’s success is its people. Organizations must consider a wide variety of factors in order to establish an effective management plan, they also must be prepared to react to the multitude of demands made by consumers and suppliers. Organizations need to learn that its employees feedback, thoughts and idea can play a major role in part of the company’s decisions. Organizations need to learn to listen to its leaders on all levels, which keep the company connected to the daily needs of the employees and its customers. Continued education of employees the company faces external challenges each day, customer demands are always changing, their needs wants and not to mention technology. Internal forces would be employees that can not, will not learn to adapt to all the change. Dis2 Compare and contrast two organizations within a particular industry and discuss how and why one organization kept pace with consumer expectations and the other organization did not. Use the ProQuest Database for information regarding specific organizations. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings . MY POST The two organizations that come to mind would be Sprint vs. AT&T. There is no doubt that AT&T is having issues with customer service and also with product availability, but it is still one of the leading wireless providers. One of the main reasons that AT&T stays on top with customer expectations is because they are making huge investments in network infrastructure to attract and retain customers who increasingly look to their mobile operator as a data and services provider, not a voice carrier. AT&T still is gaining new customers despite issues with the iPhone, whereas Sprint has steadily been losing customers for several quarters. Sprint is the third largest wireless provider in the U.S. right behind AT&T. According to Reardon, “Sprint has lost about 1.3 million subscribers during the fourth quarter. It now has about 49.3 million subscribers. The majority of the losses came from the highly coveted contract-customers, of which Sprint lost about 1.1 million.” It would seem that Sprint’s customers are feed up with extreme poor customer service.
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John Cox. (2010, June). AT&T vs. Verizon :The top two carriers battle for a market that's still fast- evolving. Network World (Online),. Retrieved August 17, 2010, from ProQuest Computing. (Document
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Week 3 - Dis 1 Analyze how managing change can influence...

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