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Discussion 2 Adult Development Theories

Discussion 2 Adult Development Theories - DISCUSSION#2...

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DISCUSSION #2 Being a mother of a four year old I easily connected with Bandura’s Social-Learning Theory. Bandura’s addresses in his theory that types of learning called observational learning or modeling play an important role in how people learn throughout childhood and even into adulthood. He believes that reinforcement in the learning process is not always a requirement but that people can also learn by observing and modeling the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others. He points out that learning from modeling does not automatically happen but that four specific conditions will have an effect on what a person learns from an event. Effective modeling will depend on; how closely the person pays attention, how much they remember about the event, can they physically reproduce the actions, and what motivation the person has to mimic the act. Other additional factors related to age can also affect the outcome of learning by modeling. What an adult may learn from an event may be quite different than what a child learns. The reason for this is that
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