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Discussion 1 RALI - Having a young child is what really...

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DISCUSSION #1 Discuss your thoughts and responses to the RALI exercise in light of the content of Chapters 1 and 2 of the Boyd & Bee text. Make reference to at least one specific question in the exercise and relate it to a concept you have been studying in the text. Being an adult over the age of thirty-five and going through the Rossman Adult Learning Inventory exercise was both interesting and surprising to say the least. Even though I did fairly well on the exercise the questions really made me sit back and think before I answered them. I was drawn to question nine which asked “Adults and children have the same orientation to learning”.
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Unformatted text preview: Having a young child is what really drew me to this statement. I feel that as a mother it is my responsibly to understand how she and I view learning so differently. As adults we view time differently than children because we have life experiences that have impacted how we process new learning. However, these same life experiences can actually stand in the way of accepting new ideas, we can be set in our ways and not very open to learning something in a completely different way. As children, life experiences are still very limited and they are more able to except what they learn....
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