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The social role theory and mate selection could be a subject that I am sure many of us could have many interesting discussions on. Basically, the theory talks about what criteria are used in selecting our partner to reproduce with, our offspring and child rearing. Obviously, men and women are biologically different and have different criteria. In general, what men look for in women is that she is young, attractive, healthy and nurturing to unsure the survival of their offspring. Women look for men that will possess the finances to support them and their offspring, men that are intelligent and that are in line with her social status. Now personally after reading this theory I had a very good laugh. I thought this theory made women sound money hungry and that men are just living in a dream world. I am sure back in the days of my grandparents this theory may have been practically true. You know, young couple gets married they have children, the husband works and the pretty little wife stays home to cook, clean and take care of the kids. I have to believe that many women do not choose a partner for the sole reason that the men must support
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