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Discusion 2 Rule

Discusion 2 Rule - since that we are raised to follow the...

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I picked one of the old rules called the linear rule. This rule states that with each passing year and with each passing generation our life, jobs and income will get better and better. But for this to happen we must do our best to follow all the cultural rules put in place by our family and society. Like work hard, be honest, go to church, and be nice and kind to all. I feel that this stage and linear in nature. I can’t help but find strength in the things that our parents or caregivers have instilled in us from birth. Being honest, hard working and being nice to your family, friends and neighbors are all good traits to have. I think we all should always strive to be a better person. Which I believe is the moral of this old rule, stay true to the rules and the good things will follow. I think this falls in line with Skinners operant conditioning theory in the
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Unformatted text preview: since that we are raised to follow the rules, do well and be good. If we stray from this path our life will not have a good outcome, so our caregivers or mentors enforced these believes over and over again and when we start to veer off the chosen path they find ways to reinforce them. I know my parents sure did. But the weakness to this rule is the fact that it is outdated, I am not saying that this rule is wrong and that we should not be all these things. They are rules that we all should live by to become better humans. But with each passing year and each new generation we have change. Economic change, social change and personal growth and new dreams and in this time and age working hard for one company all your life does not mean that you will be better off by the time you retire....
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