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Disscu 1 - years and I am very comfortable Recently I have...

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I would have to say parenthood is my most challenging change related to family. My husband and I had our daughter later in life, my husband is 45 and I am 39 and our daughter is now 4 years old. Adapting from being a couple to being parents is a huge joy to both of us but is has its challenges. Our child's healthy development depends on our ability to provide a safe, loving, and organized environment. But as a couple, we still have to manage spending time alone so that our marriage does not suffer. In regards to work challenges at this point in my life, I can sum that up by saying it is a constant struggle. Even though I am very secure in my current work position of nineteen
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Unformatted text preview: years and I am very comfortable. Recently I have noticed that my time or I should say how I manage my time and energy seem to be in short supply. I always thought that as we got older our life would get easier. But for me it seems to be doing the opposite. Levinson theorized about life structure and how adults have cycles of stability and instability. I can so relate to this right now, but with help from my social network of family and friends and some good moral reasoning I feel I will come out on top. And I so look forward to the stability cycle to return to my life....
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