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Discussions week 1 - One of the most famous...

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Discussions To participate in the following Discussion Forums, go to this week's  Discussion  link in the left navigation: 1. Group Membership List List TWO of the groups/teams to which you belong or have belonged to in  the past. Discuss why you joined the groups and what dimensions (i.e.  goals, interdependence, interpersonal interaction, perceptions of  membership, structured relationships, mutual influence, motivation) make  certain groups more productive and satisfying for you. Also, identify what  TYPE of group(s) you belong by using the "category types" listed in  chapter 1 of the text. Defend your answer. Respond to at least two of your  fellow students" postings. 2. Group Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: One of the most famous sequential-stage theories was developed by Bruce W. Tuckman. Compare this theory with the seven stages of development noted in your text. Identify one group from your list from the Group Membership List Discussion Forum. Identify what developmental phase you believe your group to be in based on the characteristics/behaviors discussed in the text. Discuss the following questions: • What behaviors have you observed in the group that led you to believe the group is in the phase you have identified? • Are there any behaviors you feel should be changed to move the group to another level? How would a leader help move the group to another level?...
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