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911 diss - about the first plane And I along with many...

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The horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11 were a profound and painful tragedy for all Americans. I will ever forget that awful day when thousands of innocent lives were lost. I think that this event was probably the most widely documented event in modern history. Billions of people around the world witnessed the events in real time in the form of national television. On that day and the many days that followed, the world was also updates on the events in every form of media known to man, news casts, photos, emails, and the internet I can remember standing in our company conference room when word had just spread
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Unformatted text preview: about the first plane. And I along with many others stood in shock and disbelief as we watched in real time the second plane strike. Watching this unfold in front of my eyes was a complete shock and the nation went into shock right along with me. This event and the images from this event confirmed American’s worst fears. It struck fear in the hearts of billions of people and really forced the nation to realize that terrorists will stop at nothing and will go anywhere to prove a point....
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