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Visual Techniques - is use and how films are projected...

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In what ways have film and television influenced each other during their shared history? both have influenced one another. You see, inventors were experiementing with television while film was out. Many of their breakthroughs were because they were altering the way that you use film, cameras, lenses, and things of that sort. However, though television has been created film and television have kept their own “intentity” so to speak. Film was created first and it has influence television in the way it
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Unformatted text preview: is use and how films are projected through the television screen, how shows are created by the use of cameras, how the television it self was created. Television and film are like night and day, the two can work without the other. Though television and film have their own unique ways; they are still so much alike in many ways. Our world has benefited from both of these creations....
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