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My Week 1 D 1 - everything No company wants to be put in...

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A. I would have to say no. Ethics refers to what you should do, and not a decision you are forced to make yourself. B. Yes, I think he had to make an ethical decision. He was not just thinking about himself but about his co-workers and the company that he works for. However, when you are talking about health risks that involve the public, in my mind there is no question that he needs to come forward. I would also think that if he made the decision to not come forward, and problems came about that he would face some type of legal issue for not reporting the issue. I would hope that it would not happen, but the company could use him as a scapegoat if problems came out. Since he did not come forward with his findings. C. I would hope that he would only use newspapers and television as a last resort. I would hope that he would make all efforts to report the problems within his company and make sure to document
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Unformatted text preview: everything. No company wants to be put in such a situation, but the firm as a responsibility to its customer and its employees to make a good product. I think that only more harm could come from continuing to make a bad product and hiding it, then it would be to fix the problem. The company is more likely to survive the issue and the employees are more likely to have jobs. If it was found out that they knew about the problems and continued to make the product and had to face all the lawsuits and the government on their backs, they may not be able to keep the doors open. If Ayer has exhausted all efforts to keep it within the company and does not get them to understand and change their ways, I would be very disappointed if he did not take the next step and react out to the government party that oversees this type of business....
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