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The past two years have been financially rough for my family, my husband who was a major contributor to our income, lost his job. As a result of this; I was determined to make a change that would hopefully open up doors to secure a better future for my family and myself. That change was to seek out getting my degree, deciding to seek out my degree was a major decision, which I did not take lightly. It involves a high commitment of time and money, and at this current stage in my life, I have very little of either. Being a full time employee, mother and wife, along with trying to go back to school was/is going to be a challenge. But I felt that I needed to become a more viable asset to the business workforce. I felt that pursing and acquiring my degree would start me on the right path to increasing my range of skills, confidence and leadership abilities. Although, the major factor for wanting to go back to school was to learn new skills and make more money. There were other factors as well.
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