Dis 2 - Dis 2 What can a mobile phone marketer do to take a...

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Dis 2 What can a mobile phone marketer do to take a more proactive approach to the changes in the marketing environment? Discuss specific forces, including macro and micro environmental. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings. In this day and age, not having a cell phone is like not having indoor plumping. Yes, I have a cell phone, but there are times when someone asks me for my number I will tell them I don’t have a cell phone. I do this just to see the expression on their face, the look is priceless. People from all ages use cell phones, from children to the elderly. I have seen eight or nine year old children with cell phones, and ninety year old adults with one. My own father-in-law, who is refuses to own a computer, has a cell phone and won’t leave home without it, he’s eight-two. I would have to say, it sure makes me have a sense of security knowing that I can be reached or reach out to someone at any time. I must say that mobile phone marketer must to be proactive, or they won’t be in business much longer. In today’s high tech world, the winner always is the one that comes up with the newest, faster, coolest product out there. They need to offer phones in a wide range of styles, colors and with a wide range of functions. With much younger people having phones, they need to focus on more cool, hip trends. Maybe selling some type of cosmetic features that can be added to their phones, like jewels, beads and custom colors. They also need to be more aware of the elderly consumers, their needs may be, cheaper plans, fewer minutes and nothing really high tech. Elderly may just need it to work, but have a large viewing area, large text and fewer confusing apps. I have also seen several companies that offer phones that donate a percent of sells to aids, breast cancer and other types of great causes. The micro-environment
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Dis 2 - Dis 2 What can a mobile phone marketer do to take a...

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