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1_2Lossless propatation - Department of Electrical and...

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Unformatted text preview: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECSE 352 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics 1.2 Lossless Propagation on Transmission Lines References: Hayt and Buck 11.3 AGK 2006 1.2-1 Overview Overview In the previous class we studied the behaviour of transmission lines and derived a general wave equation that captures the time and space evolution of voltage and current. In this class we will look at the special case of lossless lines. This will allow us to develop a much simpler wave equation, and we will use this to find an expression for the speed of voltage and urrent aves e ill so ok e lationship f oltage current waves. We will also look at the relationship of voltage and current and define the impedance of a transmission line. ©AGK 2006 ECSE 352 1.2-2 Transmission line classes Transmission line classes A. Transmission line basics 1. Introduction 2. Lossless transmission lines 3. Harmonic waves on transmission lines 4. Time independent (phasor) notation ower transmission and loss 5. Power transmission and loss B. Analog signal transmission 6. Resistive loads and reflections 7. Voltage standing wave ratio 8. Finite lines and input impedance 9. Smith chart calculation techniques ingle stub matching 10. Single stub matching C. Digital signal transmission 11. Transient analysis ©AGK 2006 ECSE 352 1.2-3 12. Pulse propagation and initially charged lines Contents Contents • Review of general transmission line model • Voltage and current on lossless transmission lines • Signal speed on lossless lines h l ti hi b t lt d t • The relationship between voltage and current • Transmission line impedance ©AGK 2006 ECSE 352 1.2-4 Learning outcomes Learning outcomes After taking this class you should be able to: • State the necessary conditions for a lossless transmission line rite down the ssless wave equation r • Write down the lossless wave equation for transmission lines • Calculate propagation speed on lossless lines • Define and calculate the impedance of a transmission line and use this to relate voltage to current • Explain the relationship between voltage and current...
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1_2Lossless propatation - Department of Electrical and...

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