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Portfolio Entry _11

Portfolio Entry _11 - the different world markets where...

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Business Writing 304 Fall 2009 Portfolio Entry # 11 1) Report (300 – 500 words) The use of cell phones, laptop computers, and digital cameras has created a growing need for the recycling of portable rechargeable batteries. Many retail stores are helping to preserve the environment by shipping spent battery packs to recycling centers. Write an investigative report for a high tech store you work for (like Best Buy or Office Depot) on the recycling of rechargeable portable batteries. You work for the Resource Management Division of this store. In this report be sure to do the following: Define the many different types of rechargeable portable batteries being used today (like nickel cadmium and lithium ion). Explain how the recycling is accomplished. 2) Report (300 – 500 words) Many large international companies target sections of their websites to
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Unformatted text preview: the different world markets where their products are sold. For example, McDonalds (www.McDonalds.com) includes customized pages for each of the 50 – plus countries where its restaurants are established. Assume that you work for a company that is considering expanding its Web site for international markets. You have been assigned to write an investigative report on your findings on the differences and similarities between the regional sections of other companies’ sites. To research your report examine the web sites of two international corporations. You can visit for example McDonalds American and European sites or Sony’s Asian and Eastern European sites. Note the translations of the company’s slogan, the colors and graphics used on the sites, the presentation of products, etc. From: Writing That Works, Oliu, Brusaw, and Alred....
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