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Business Writing 304 Fall 2009 Portfolio Entry # 16 1) Proposal (300 – 500 words) Your hi-tech company is interested in changing its security procedures to include biometric verification technology. Employees’ fingerprints or retina patterns (or both) would now be scanned before they could enter top-secret areas. You have been asked to investigate three web sites of companies that provide this kind of technology. Write a proposal to your boss that details how the technology works, the cost and the advantages over traditional security methods. 2) Proposal (300 – 500 words) Assume that you have been hired to run the newly created Adult Basic Education (ABE) program at your local county jail. Your job is to offer instructional and support services that will help incarcerated adult students
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Unformatted text preview: improve their literacy and English-speaking skills through the high school levels to the point that they are ready, upon their release, to continue and succeed in post secondary education. Search the web for educational grants that might help you meet your goals. You may apply for funds to the state Department of Education to address potential courses in ABE, literacy, pre adult secondary education, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), pre literacy ESOL and adult diploma classes among others. Begin by searching the web site of your states Department of Education, then move to the federal agencies. From: Writing That Works, Oliu, Brusaw, and Alred....
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