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Business Writing 304 Fall 2009 Portfolio Entry # 7 1) Letter (300 – 500 words) You have recently purchased a local high-end camera store and wish to build your business. You have a mailing list of former customers, but many of them were unhappy with the previous owner’s product and service. You would like to win them back. You specialize in the highest quality digital and single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras as well as accessories. The shop is also an authorized repair service for Nikon and Sony cameras and lenses. The community you serve is relatively affluent, but the former owner’s reputation included overcharging customers and refusing to service what he sold. Your store is located on East Capitol Dr. near a variety of appliance stores and restaurants. You believe that satisfied customers will improve your business. Write a sales letter, addressed to former customers effectively promoting your services. Plan this letter as the basis for other promotional materials. 2) Letter
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