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Business Writing 304 Fall 2009 Portfolio Entry # 8 1) Letter (300 – 500 words) You manage Sunny River Resort. Charles James, Director of the Sunny River Business League, has requested the free use of your lodge for a two-day staff meeting. You’d like the Business League to use your meeting room, but you have a problem: you charge any group $500.00 per day to use the room. You can’t afford to give it away. The room has a number of fixed and variable costs required to clean, pay for lighting and air conditioning, and supply and repair equipment. Also, what might happen if others knew you had provided the room at no cost? Write a letter to Mr. James selling him on the idea of using your lodge while holding to the $500.00 fee. Use tact, a positive tone, and persuasive details in your letter. 2) Letter (300 – 500 words) You are the membership director of a fitness center that caters to
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Unformatted text preview: professional women. You decide to bring in additional revenue by offering personal training sessions at $60.00 per hour and hire three fitness instructors who have been certified as personal trainers by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Unfortunately, clients have been slow to sign up. Write a letter to existing members, announcing your fitness center’s personal training program. In addition to convincing your readers of the benefits of personal training, the letter should introduce the trainers, describe their backgrounds and interests, and emphasize their extensive training they have received. Their training includes: • Anatomy and kinesiology • Fitness assessment testing procedures • Weight management and nutrition • Motivation From: Writing That Works, Oliu, Brusaw, and Alred....
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