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Business Writing 304 Fall 2009 Portfolio Entry # 9 (Collaboration) 1) Report (300 – 500 words) As a group, plan to visit a lab or learning center on campus. Determine as a group which lab you would like to visit and the specific purpose of your visit. The lab may be a science lab, a computer lab, an engineering lab, a writing center or career center. After an explanation of the lab’s procedures and a tour of the lab or center, your group will write a trip report about the visit. Include the date of the visit, your destination, and an explanation of what you learned during the visit.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Report (300 – 500 words) In your group, collaborate to write a trouble report about a problem on campus. Choose a topic that has a simple solution, like a busy campus intersection that needs a traffic signal or a parking problem that could be relieved by providing students with incentives to use the bus system. Other topics might address overly complicated procedures for dropping or adding a class, using online resources at the library or advisement issues at your university. From: Writing That Works, Oliu, Brusaw, and Alred....
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