PE 2 Memo - final

PE 2 Memo - final - Utilize a variety of problem solving...

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Date: January 14, 2010 To: IBM Management From: Randy Weitzel Subject: Tuition reimbursement to attend Eng 304 I am currently enrolled in Eng 304, business writing, at Clemson University. The purpose of this class is to help students develop the skills required to effectively communicate in the workplace. Without proper communication, no workplace can be as efficient as it should be. By enrolling in this course, not only will I gain from the knowledge I learn, but IBM can benefit as well. I can apply what I learn in the classroom to real life situations on the job and will be more effective of an employee in many aspects. I will be able to better communicate within the company, whether it be a manager, coworker, or subordinate I am working with. Through enrolling in this course I will learn the following objectives as outlined in the syllabus: Utilize the fundamental process of planning, packaging, and perfecting workplace communication. Understand the importance of writing in different workplace environments.
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Unformatted text preview: Utilize a variety of problem solving approaches that relate to communication as solving a problem for an audience. Understand the issues in determining your audience and purpose in writing on the job. Utilize the different forms of electronic communication in the modern workplace. Master state of the art research techniques related to workplace writing. Experience the dynamics of the collaborative writing process. Explore a variety of employment communication techniques. As you can see, this course can teach me many skills that are essential in nearly every work environment. I hope that you see the benefit that enrolling in this course can bring to IBM. If you have any more questions regarding my request for tuition reimbursement to attend this course I can further discuss it with you at your convenience. Thank you, Randy Weitzel...
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PE 2 Memo - final - Utilize a variety of problem solving...

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