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PE 3 Memo - rough - occasion if the support staff that we...

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Date: January 22, 2010 To: Upper Management From: Human Resources Subject: Financial difficulties and additional employee responsibilities As you may be aware, our company has been experience financial difficulties recently. Due to these difficulties our company currently has a hiring freeze. Due to the reduced number of support staff positions and internships available, we now have a new policy regarding routine office tasks. Upper management will now be responsible for more of their own routine office tasks such as photocopying and faxing. We realize that some people may not be in favor of this new policy, but in these rough economic times there are sacrifices we must make in order to remain competitive. This hiring freeze is allowing our company to continue its operations as normal and make it through these difficulties as best as possible. It is important to note that this new policy does not leave upper management solely responsible for their office tasks. However Upper Management may have to do their own office tasks on
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Unformatted text preview: occasion if the support staff that we have is currently busy. All of your extra effort will be greatly appreciated, especially in these rough times. By doing all of your office tasks when help is unavailable, the office will continue to run smoothly, while at the same time cutting costs. Hopefully with your cooperation we will transition smoothly into our new policy. Everybody’s extra effort is greatly appreciated and it should allow our company will quickly recover from the recent financial difficulties. As soon as the company’s financial situation improves new support staff will be hired, allowing upper management to continue their duties as normal. If you have any questions regarding the hiring freeze, the new office task policy, or the operation of any of the office equipment you may contact the Human Resources Department....
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