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PE 20 - rough - as “North American white oak embellished...

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405 Meldau Rd Seneca, SC 29678 April 22, 2010 Patrick Dwiggers, Operations Manager Premier Wood Products PO Box 528 High Point NC 27261 Recently I purchased and expensive office desk from Premier Wood Products. Although I have been satisfied with previous purchases through your business, that was not the case however upon receiving the desk. I was expecting a much higher quality desk based on the description, picture, and price I would have been more than happy to have paid full price for the desk if it had been as described, but the desk I received was of unacceptable quality. In the description it was described
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Unformatted text preview: as “North American white oak, embellished with hand-inlaid walnut cross-banding.” This was clearly not the case however. The desk that I received had several problems-The wood finish was rough-The grain looked splotchy-The drawers would not pull out easily I would like to continue to do business with you in the future, but I cannot allow such substandard quality. I would like a full refund plus freight charges to be credited to my account. I hope that you choose to handle this in a professional manner and we can continue to do business in the future. Thank you, Randy Weitzel...
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