Key Terms 6 - Key Terms Activation-synthesis hypothesis An...

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Key Terms Activation-synthesis hypothesis An attempt to explain how dream content is affected by motor commands in the brain that occur during sleep, but are not carried out. Alcohol Common name for ethyl alcohol, the intoxicating element in fermented and distilled liquors. Alpha waves Large, slow brain waves associated with relaxation and falling asleep. Altered state of consciousness A condition of awareness distinctly different in quality or pattern from waking consciousness. Amphetamines A class of synthetic drugs having stimulant effects on the nervous system. Anhedonia An inability to feel pleasure. Barbiturate One of a large group of sedative drugs that depress activity in the nervous system. Basic suggestion effect The tendency of hypnotized persons to carry out suggested actions as if they were involuntary. Beta waves Small fast brain waves associated with being awake and alert. Biological rhythm Any repeating cycle of biological activity, such as sleep and waking cycles or changes in body temperature. Binge drinking Consuming 5 or more drinks in a short time (4 drinks for women). Caffeine A natural drug with stimulant properties; found in coffee and tea and added to artificial beverages and medicines. Carcinogen A substance capable of causing cancer. Cataplexy A sudden temporary paralysis of the muscles. Chronic insomnia Insomnia that persists for more than 3 weeks. Cocaine A crystalline drug derived from coca leaves; used as a central nervous system stimulant and local anesthetic. Compulsive drug use Intense use and extreme dependence. Consciousness
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Key Terms 6 - Key Terms Activation-synthesis hypothesis An...

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