Key Terms 11 - Key Terms Acquaintance (date) rape Forced...

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Key Terms Acquaintance (date) rape Forced intercourse that occurs in the context of a date or other voluntary encounter. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) A frequently fatal disease caused by HIV infection. In AIDS, the immune system is weakened, allowing other diseases to invade the body. Androgen Any of a number of male sex hormones, especially testosterone. Androgen insensitivity An inherited disorder in which male embryos fail to develop male genitals because of an unresponsiveness to testosterone. Androgyny The presence of both “masculine” and “feminine” traits in a single person (as masculinity and femininity are defined within one’s culture). Asymptomatic Refers to having a disease while lacking obvious symptoms of illness. Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) A list of 60 personal traits including “masculine,” “feminine,” and “neutral” traits; used to rate one’s degree of androgyny. Bisexual A person romantically and erotically attracted to both men and women. Castration Surgical removal of the testicles or ovaries. Double standard Applying different standards for judging the appropriateness of male and female sexual behavior. Dyspareunia Genital pain before, during, or after sexual intercourse. Ejaculation The release of sperm and seminal fluid by the male at the time of orgasm. Erectile disorder An inability to maintain an erection for lovemaking. Erogenous zones Areas of the body that produce pleasure and/or provoke erotic desire. Estrogen
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Key Terms 11 - Key Terms Acquaintance (date) rape Forced...

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