Key Terms 12 - Key Terms Anima An archetype representing...

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Key Terms Anima An archetype representing the female principle. Animus An archetype representing the male principle. Archetype A universal idea, image, or pattern, found in the collective unconscious. Basic anxiety A primary form of anxiety that arises from living in a hostile world. Behavioral assessment Recording the frequency of various behaviors. Behavioral genetics The study of inherited behavioral traits and tendencies. Behavioral personality theory Any model of personality that emphasizes learning and observable behavior. Cardinal trait A personality trait so basic that all of a person’s activities relate to it. Central traits The core traits that characterize an individual personality. Character Personal characteristics that have been judged or evaluated; a person’s desirable or undesirable qualities. Collective unconscious A mental storehouse for unconscious ideas and images shared by all humans. Common traits Personality traits that are shared by most members of a particular culture. Compensation Any attempt to overcome feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. Conditions of worth Internal standards used to judge the value of one’s thoughts, actions, feelings, or experiences. Creative self The “artist” in each of us that creates a unique identity and style of life Critical situations Situations during childhood that are capable of leaving a lasting imprint on personality. Cue External stimuli that guide responses, especially by signaling the presence or absence of reinforcement. Diagnostic interview An interview used to find out how a person is feeling and what complaints or symptoms he or she has. Direct observation Assessing behavior through direct surveillance. Drive Any stimulus (especially an internal stimulus such as hunger) strong enough to goad a person to action. Expectancy Anticipation about the effect a response will have, especially regarding reinforcement. Extrovert
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Key Terms 12 - Key Terms Anima An archetype representing...

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