Key Terms 13 - Key Terms Aggression Any response made with...

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Key Terms Aggression Any response made with the intent of harming some person or object. Alarm reaction First stage of the G.A.S., during which bodily resources are mobilized to cope with a stressor. Ambivalence Mixed positive and negative feelings or simultaneous attraction and repulsion. Anxiety Apprehension, dread, or uneasiness, similar to fear, but based on an unclear threat. Approach-approach conflict Choosing between two positive, or desirable, alternatives. Approach-avoidance conflict Being attracted to and repelled by the same goal or activity. Avoidance-avoidance conflict Choosing between two negative, or mutually undesirable, alternatives. Behavioral medicine The study of behavioral factors in medicine, physical illness, and medical treatment. Behavioral risk factors Behaviors that increase the chances of disease, injury, or premature death. Biofeedback Information given to a person about his or her ongoing bodily activities; aids voluntary regulation of bodily states. Burnout A job-related condition of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. Community health campaign A community-wide education program that provides information about how to lessen risk factors and promote health. Compensation Counteracting a real or imagined weakness by emphasizing desirable traits or seeking to excel in the area of weakness or in other areas. Conflict A stressful condition that occurs when a person must choose between incompatible or contradictory alternatives. Coping statements Reassuring, self-enhancing statements that are used to stop self-critical thinking. Defense mechanism
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Key Terms 13 - Key Terms Aggression Any response made with...

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