Key Terms 17 - Key Terms Action component How one tends to...

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Key Terms Action component How one tends to act toward the object of an attitude. Ageism An institutionalized tendency to discriminate on the basis of age; prejudice. Aggression Any action carried out with the intention of harming another person. Aggression cues Stimuli or signals that are associated with aggression and that tend to elicit it. Aggressive pornography Media depictions of sexual violence or of forced participation in sexual activity. Anger control Personal strategies for reducing or curbing anger. Attitude A learned tendency to respond to people, objects, or institutions in a positive or negative way. Attitude scale A collection of attitudinal statements with which respondents indicate agreement or disagreement. Audience The person or group toward whom a persuasive message is directed. Authoritarian personality A personality pattern characterized by rigidity, inhibition, prejudice, and an excessive concern with power, authority, and obedience. Aversive stimulus Any stimulus that produces discomfort or displeasure. Brainwashing Engineered or forced attitude change involving a captive audience. Bystander apathy Unwillingness of bystanders to offer help during emergencies or to become involved in others’ problems. Chance conditioning Conditioning that takes place by chance or coincidence. Change In brainwashing, the point at which a person begins to repudiate former attitudes and beliefs. Cognitive dissonance An uncomfortable clash between self-image, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, or perceptions and one’s behavior. Communicator
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Key Terms 17 - Key Terms Action component How one tends to...

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